E-Kundli - 2009

E-Kundli - 2009

E-Kundli 2009 has advanced technology and solution in the predictions
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The E-Kundli 2009 3.0 program is featured for the advanced technology and solution it offers to the astrologers in the predictions. Astrology is the study of the position of the sun, moon, planets and the stars at you birth time. Astrology deals with the affect of these positions on your life.

The horoscope is an advanced calculation program to identify the various dasas. It can calculate the 5000 Years of Panchag & Planetary Ephimeris. Identify the basic muhurat, birth time rectification prashna kundli, Current Transit, Chowghadia & Hora General Prediction and Varshphal and do a lot more. The match making features comes with detailed calculation of the male female birth dates, lagna - navamsha rashi chart, vimshatari dasa and ashta guna match table etc. The prashna kundli has L S R D Using No. 1 to 249 Dasa. You can superimpose your natal chart with your gochar chart with currunt transit. Get everyday gotchar lagna details. You can calculate K P Panchang with Sub lord, Sub Sub Lord with the K P Kanchange utility. You also get the rashi nakshtra changes for everyday for a hundred years with yearly transit.

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